Terms and Conditions

Each customer will be considered to have read and agreed to our terms and conditions once they open an account with Webconnect Shipping Limited.We also advise account holders to examine the terms and conditions on a regular basis so they are aware of any potential updates. Each customer will receive our U.S.A. mailing address and a unique mailbox number after completing the registration process, where products should always be mailed.

If your shipping address is incomplete, you risk getting charged for using an erroneous address or having your goods sent to the wrong recipient. It is the responsibility of the customer to urge the merchant to properly package their items for shipping in order to ensure safe delivery and prevent harm to people, property, or the item.

As a result, Webconnect disclaims liability for things harmed by outside parties, such as internet retailers or customs officials in Jamaica. Only products that were harmed or lost while under our control are subject to liability. Invoices and other pertinent shipping documentation must be submitted no less than three days before the package is expected to arrive in Jamaica.